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Tap into what your building’s telling you for smarter water safety.

Our Smart WaterManagement solution improves compliance while reducing expensive, wasteful and unreliable manual processes. More than this, the data we harness gives our building experts invaluable insights and allows us to suggest where your building might need improvements.

You also benefit from:
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Risk reduction

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Improved sustainability outcomes

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Cost savings

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Improved building health

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Smart Water Management

Our solution allows facilities management companies and building managers to comply with Health and Safety legislation on the control of legionella bacteria growth. However, the real smarts come from rich data we capture and analyse allowing you to achieve compliance in a more efficient and sustainable manner. Carbon emissions are reduced, energy and water wastage are minimised.

Temperature Monitoring

Our sensors allow you to monitor cold and hot water temperatures, as well as the ambient temperature. We can even monitor mixed water temperature.

Alerts & Responses

Our bespoke platform creates alerts when the risk is high and generates custom reports for operational and executive purposes.

Automatic Response

Based on monitored temperatures and agreed thresholds, automated flushes are only executed when needed and for the minimal time required to achieve regulatory compliance.

Predictive Maintenance

Utilizing the power of data, our AI powered platform and building management experts can foresee issues before they become expensive problems. By constantly analysing water flow and temperatures we can see where calorifiers, pumps or TMVs may be unperforming or malfunctioning and recommend enhancements for your plumbing team to implement.

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