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Our adaptable IOT-based Smart Water Management solution gives you and your clients complete confidence and flexibility, through continuous water monitoring or monitoring and remote flushing.

Our approach

When we engage with new clients, we always want to ensure that we optimise the initial investment. Our two-step process allows us to do just that, so you don’t need to spend money on automated flushing where it isn’t required:


Monitor and Discover

Initially we will do a site recce and determine where we need to install our universal devices to monitor temperature and water movement in order to identify Little Used Outlets (LUO’s) After a short period of time, we will recommend to you where we feel automated flushing is required and the rest of the outlets and sources can continue to be temperature monitoring only, for added peace of mind.

Sensor monitor data is displayed in the app
The Creevx flushing valve

Upgrade to Auto

Where we have identified LUO’s, our team will activate our automated flushing technology on these devices so that we can remotely and automatically flush water whenever required. The best part? This upgrade can be done remotely via our platform, all that is required is a small plumbing exercise and we are ready to flush up to hundreds of sites and thousands of outlets from a laptop.

Predictive Maintenance

Now that we have a fully connected building feeding us rich and powerful data, we must use it to our advantage. Our AI powered platform and building management experts can analyse this data and foresee issues before they become expensive problems. Data-led insights also allows us to troubleshoot specific problems you may have been facing within your building.

Recently, using data harnessed from buildings our experts were able to:

Faulty TMV icon

Highlight faulty TMV’s

Malfunctioning boiler icon

Identify a malfunctioning boiler

Hot water

Discover why the top floors of a multi-story building were not able to get hot water until after 1pm

non compliant water flushed icon

Uncover a calorifier that was flushing non-compliant water around a building

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